Colmant Brut Rosé

A tender touch to Colmant’s alluring blend.

While Chardonnay makes up 25% of the blend, Pinot Noir leads the dance with 75%. A portion (10%) of the Pinot Noir is macerated on the skins to give the Brut Rosé its colour and signature red berry aroma and flavour. The Chardonnay contributes vivacity, finesse, and harmonious elegance. 15% of the base wine is barrel fermented and there is a 15% reserve wine portion blended in. Maturation time on lees is 24 months minimum.

Colmant Brut Rosé is seductively appealing in its signature lively freshness and delectable flavour.

PLATTER WINE GUIDE 2020 : 89/100



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